Thursday, March 26, 2015

Here's to a good's night sleep

Frustration is not normal for me.  Depression is a demon I have vanquished.  Both have been battering me around lately.  But that's normal when one is unemployed.

I know how to look for work, to write a resume, interview.  I am honest, well spoken, and have a strong work ethic.  So why can't I find work?

Unemployment Insurance doesn't cover nearly enough, and I live below my means....normally.

But I keep applying.  What irks me is when I take the time to apply for your job, shouldn't you be obliged to at least let me know I don't rate an interview, or keep me appraised of what comes next.

Well that happened today.  And I am thankful.  A job I applied for, interviewed for, and had a background check occur for has finally reached out with a conditional job offer.  I have my next steps, and will follow through.  I also have a phone number where I can call for assistance if necessary.

That is a load off.  Frustration gone, and Depression banished.

Tonight I will do something that has come with difficulty recently.  I will sleep. Deeply.


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